285 70R17 All Terrain Tires For Your Vehicle’s Need

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If you have 285 70r17 all terrain tires, you may wonder what the meaning behind those numbers. Keeping your tires in a good shape was able to reduce the chance of flat or the other tire failures. Therefore, when you think that this is the right time to buy new tires, the next question was where to start. The most essential things were know your tire’s size that right in your vehicle. However, you need to follow the original size from your auto shop recommendation. Your size was written on sidewall of tires, but you may confuse what the meaning is.

285 70r17 all terrain tires
285 70r17 all terrain tires

285 70r17 all terrain tires: How to read tire’s size?

1 The section width on tire (285/ 70R17)
Those 3 digits was able to tell us about the cross sectional width from the tires in millimeters (285 mm).
2 The section width from tire (285/ 70R17)
The 2 numbers usually following the tire’s section that tell us about the aspect ratio or measurement of tire profile (70 indicates that the height was 65 percents from this width).
The R letter was indicating the construction of radial ply.
3 The diameters of tire and wheel (285/ 70R17)
This means that this tire shall be matched with 17 inches of diameter wheel. The tire usually derived from several widths in inches that you can match with your vehicle.

285 70r17 all terrain tires: Learn More

So, when you understand and knowing to read the tire’s size, this is also make you easier to choose the best one which right with your vehicle’s need. The size of 285 70r17 all terrain tires, also come for other types of tires as well. Usually some peoples tend to get all terrains type for their off road need, but it may for several reasons as well. After you decide the size and style that you want to get, you also need to select the quality. Lower price was not best guarantee for your tire’s need. You able to use those information’s to assist you finding the right one when you deal with shopping tires. Understanding the standard code on your tires was able to help you to clarify and purchasing the best one which matched with your vehicle. If you had owner’s manual which provided by the vehicle, you able use that manual for best guide to buying new tires. Choosing the best one with 285 70r17 all terrain tires can be your best recommendation.

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