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Fleet managers have similar goals when it comes to maximizing the mileage of their fleet’s tires, every so often they find themselves wondering where they can manage to find a big truck tire shop near me during a case of emergency. Dealing with tires for a light truck or average car tires are already a challenge, now imagine how tricky it is to deal with tires for those three quarter ton and above heavy duty trucks. If average car owner still have time before they absolutely have to replace their deteriorated tires, those driving heavy duty trucks do not have such luxury. If one thing is amiss, it will quickly if not instantly affect other parts of the big truck.

Big Truck Tire Shop Near Me
Big Truck Tire Shop Near Me

Understand the worst offenders of big truck tires

When you drive a heavy duty truck with equally heavy load, the challenges you have to face are ten times worse – this probably seems like exaggeration but the purpose still stands, to paint a picture of how risky dealing with this part of the truck is. While there are a few culprits, one of the worst offenders when it comes to premature tire removal is irregular thread wear – which most likely happens because of the heavy load and uneven road condition. There are many other variables in the equation that leads to irregular thread wear, such as:
• Vehicle misalignment
• Broken or worn out suspension components
• Balance
• Inadequate inflation pressure

The impact of irregular thread wear

Irregular thread wear always ends with premature removal and replacement in almost all scenarios. Initially, during the early stages, irregular thread wear leads to ineffective drive which results in a drastic drop of fuel economy. In the end, fleet managers are forced to decide to have them replaced. Not only does it add to the expense of distributing cost in the business, it also adds to unnecessary downtime as the process of distributing must be postponed for a few moment in order to install the new replacement.

How to care for tires to optimize its lifespan

Attempting to optimize the lifespan of the tires and specifically the thread may not be an easy task. One must regularly check the assembly runout or balance of the tire, fortunately these days this can easily be done by placing and spinning an indicator somewhere near the center of your tire’s thread as well as on its sidewall – high spots can be figured out it its early stages of development should the check up done regularly. In addition to the assembly balance check up, one must also determine whether there is broken, worn out, or even damaged suspensions – other components which should also be checked during the troubleshooting are front suspension fasteners, wheel bearings, kingpin, shock absorbers, air springs, tie rods, and many more. When any of these components shows improper adjustment, misalignment and worn out or loose, you risk wear in your steer tire as well. The regular check up and maintenance may be time consuming and confusing, thus finding the answers to big truck tire shop near me is important as the experts know better whether we only need readjustment or should have them replaced.

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