How To Find Firestone Tires Near Me?

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Finding Firestone tires near me is important if your vehicle is using tires from Firestone. As we know, Firestone is simply one of the most prominent tire brands in the world. It has numerous tire products that you can use for all seasons and so on. Using Firestone tires is just beneficial because the tires are known to be durable and have great performance. If you are struggling to find the location of the nearest Firestone tire store, below are several suggestions of how to find Firestone tires near me, or near you.

How to find Firestone Tires

firestone tires near me
Firestone tires

1. Use the Help of the Store Finder

The first thing that you have to do is opening the official website of the Firestone tire. Then, you can see that in the upper right corner, there is a red button with the balloon icon. Click that button and you can see several options including “Find my store” and “Use Current Location”. If you click “Find my store”, the website will direct you to a locator. Input your location in the box an click “search”. Then, the nearest store to your location will be displayed. If you use “Use my location”, the website will automatically detect where you are and finding the closest store to where you are.

2. Call the Customer Service

If you want to talk directly to the customer service of the Firestone tire to find the exact location near you, you can call the customer service in this number: 1 (844) 254-6089. The customer service is ready to help you locate the nearest store in your area. Firestone is a professional company and this the customer service staff is also professional as well. They will happily answer for your inquires and help you solve any problems with your Firestone tire including locate the nearest store.

3. Chat the Customer Service

The next thing you can do is basically chat the customer service. The chat button can be found on the official website. Go to the official website of Firestone tire and you can see on the upper right corner there is a phone icon. Click the phone icon and you will see several options including “click to chat” and “email us”. If you want to chat directly to the customer service, clikc “click to chat” and start chatting immediately. If you want to send email instead, click the “email us” button. Either way, your inquires will be answered quickly to find the Firestone tires near me or near you.

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