Don’t Panic: Steps To Get Nearest Tire Shop To Me

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“I’m getting stranded, what should I do if I cannot find any nearest tire shop to me?” if this kind of situation happens to you, people—usually girls, tend to freak out. Of course, you can always install a tire pressure monitoring system to avoid such accident, but when things go unplanned, first hand, you need to stay cool and think. You might get some helps: either you ask people around mouth-by-mouth related to the nearest tire shop, call out your friends, or grab a good mechanic through your phones.

Nearest Tire Shop to Me
Nearest Tire Shop to Me

Few things you can do to find the nearest shop to me

If you get a flat tire while driving, you need to pull over to a safe spot. Make sure there is no motorcycle or car running to you during the process. It is even better if at least you find it out when your car is parked, so you can inspect it right after. You need to look at your tire thoroughly by rubbing it gently along every side of the tire, just in case there is any sharp object such as industrial staples on one spot. If you cannot find any, then perhaps there is not enough air in it. If you are sure the tire is flat, place a brick or other heavy objects behind the rear tire. Then, go get your spare tire kits, as well as the tire iron and jack. Usually, they are put underneath the mat inside the cabin, or beneath the car itself.

How to get a help at the nearest shop to me

Once you are done, make sure that you have parked the car in a flat pavement. Avoid slope or dirty road, because it will worsen the damage done to your tire. Not only that, check on the break. Do not forget to activate the emergency brake, just in case things go wrong. Grab the tire iron (the L-shaped bar with the right size to fit the wheel lugs) and lose each wheel lug counterclockwise. It might be pretty difficult because it will be knotted tightly. But after it is done, jack up your car and remove the flat tire. Put it aside beside you, in a safe place.
On the next step, install the spare tire. This might be the most intriguing things to do, and thus, you need to prepare it carefully. Hold up the tire and adjust the holes over the wheel—make sure the wheel studs are on the brake hub. You can balance it up by using your foot, while lift up the car a little higher, so it can ease you up during the process.

After it is fitted in, take away the jack carefully before you can put back each screw of the wheel lugs until it is snugged tightly. You can put back the flat tire back inside the place to keep your spare ones. Usually the spare comes in smaller size, so don’t worry if the flat tire cannot be stored perfectly inside. Interesting, isn’t it? I can always find the nearest shop to me, within myself!

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