Tips On Using Your Rand Mcnally Truck GPS App

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Rand mcnally truck gps app might be one of the most useful applications for truck drivers that you can find these days. Most people who have truck will drive their truck for quite long distance. Some of them even drive their truck from one city to another. Since you might spend a huge amount of time driving your truck, you might need a good navigation system. There are various choices of navigation systems that you can get for your truck these days. One of them is truck GPS. Truck GPS came in various choices these days from various developers. If you use truck GPS, there are several important details that you should know so that you can use this application in more optimal way.

Rand Mcnally Truck GPS App
Rand Mcnally Truck GPS App

Rand Mcnally Truck GPS App Can Display POIs

Truck GPS is an application that allows you to get map and direction easily while driving your truck. This type of application also came with several menus and features that will be very useful for you when you drive your truck, especially when you drive for long distance. One of the best features that can be found in rand mcnally truck gps app is POI Display. This feature will allow you to see only truck services and gas stations on the map. With this feature, it will be easier for you to find the nearest gas station when you drive your truck. To use POI Display feature, you can just go to “Setting” menu and choose “Map Setting” option. After that, you can just simply choose “Show POIs on the Map” menu. You can choose which POI that you want to be displayed on the map.

Save Battery with Rand Mcnally Truck GPS App

GPS is a tool that is operated using the power from battery. This tool is just like your mobile phone. When the battery is running out, you will not be able to use this gadget until you recharge the battery. The problem is that sometimes you need to drive for such a long time and you need to save your GPS battery life before you reach gas station where you can recharge the GPS. If you want to save battery life when you use rand mcnally truck gps app, you just need to use “Power Saving Mode” that is available on this application. To access this option, you just need to go to “Setting” and choose “Power Saving” menu. This menu will allow the screen of your GPS to display map less frequently. With this mode, you can reduce battery consumption of your GPS in easier and more effective way.

Save Space and Manage Maps with Rand Mcnally Truck GPS App

The maps that are displayed on your GPS can be downloaded from the internet. However, the space that is available in your GPS for data might be limited. That’s why it’s very important for you to manage the maps that you have on your GPS and only store the maps that you really need so that your GPS have more space. You can manage maps on your GPS and save more space by using “Maps Management” feature that is available on rand mcnally truck gps app.

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