How To Choose The Right Car Tires In Tire Repair Shop Open Sunday

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It is indeed quite difficult to find tire repair shop open Sunday in town. It can be very frustrating when your car really needs a new tire on Sunday. Finding the right tire for your car sometimes can be difficult. If you get the wrong tire, you can decrease your car’s ability to tackle all types of weather and hobble its performance. Usually, your car tires need to be replaced every three or maybe four years. In today’s article you will find out how to choose the right one. These following tips will help your car performance upgraded and be better with the right type and size of car tires.

Tire Repair Shop Open Sunday
Tire Repair Shop Open Sunday

Types of car tires

Commonly there are three types of car tires. They are all-season, summer and winter car tires. Of course, many people will go for with all-season tires because it is way cheaper and easier than buying one set for the summer and winter. All-season car tires can help you to deliver well-rounded, good performance even though they are not really outstanding. Meanwhile, winter tires have an outstanding of snow traction but only in the ability of fair breaking in a clear road. The last, summer car tires can deliver in handling the wet or dry braking even though this type of car has quite bleak snow traction.

The type of car tire you need

This following list can help you find the ID of your car tire’s type:
• All-season tires: the speed rating comes in S- and T-. This type is well-known for all types of weather long mileage and grip. Usually, this type of tires commonly fit in to SUVs and mainstream cars.
• All season and all-terrain truck tires: It is naturally come in big sizes. It is also designed for towing and hauling duties of light SUVs and pickups. This type of car tires usually has more aggressive patterns in order to aid the traction of off road. The tip is that many all-terrain car tires have All Terrain or A/T that can be seen in the model name.
• Winter or snow tires: It can be identified easily by a snowflake or mountain symbol which can be seen on the sidewall of your tire. When you are about to buy this type of car tire, make sure to buy the four sets of winter tires to optimize the handling and braking.

The size of car tires

It is important to find out the exact size of car tires. You can consult about it by looking at owner’s manual. To find out the recommended and the right tire measurement, you can look the placard on your driver’s side door. You will see a table that more or less same with this one: P215/60R16 94T.

The first part of it, P215/60R16, means the different size measurement including the diameter and width. Meanwhile the number 94 refers to the weight for each tire of your car is able to support. The last part which shows letter T means the speed rating. It is your car tire maximum speed related to the load index. When you are about to buy the new tires, you should match them with the tires’ measurement even though you be more flexible to go higher with the speed rating or load index. You can look at tire buying guide on the internet to help you more.

When you already found tire repair shop open Sunday in town, you will no longer take time to look for the right tire for your car. Don’t forget to always ask to the handy or the repairman for more information.

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