Who Makes Cooper Tires And How They Develop Their Business ?

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Cooper tires are popular and commonly used for most automobiles and trucks. Do you know who makes cooper tires? By knowing the history including the maker of cooper tires, you can finally know why this product is popular day by day.

who makes cooper tires
who makes cooper tires

Who Makes Cooper Tires the Early History

Actually, cooper tire was founded in 1914 in Akron, Ohio. It was the idea of a couple namely John F. Schaefer and Claude E. Hart. In the beginning, their company was a place to produce tire patches, tire cement, and tire repair kits. Since the company was growing bigger, they purchased a big company namely The Giant Tire and Rubber Company. The center of the business which was in Akron moved to Finland, Ohio. The first cooper tire was the cooper oval tire and cooper knight headgear. They were registered in 1941 and then used for public. In the next development, Schaefer and Hart were focused on passenger cars tires, light truck tires, sport utility vehicles tires, and commercial trucks tires.

The company is growing even bigger until now. For your information, in 2015, Cooper Tire and Rubber Company have its own tire. Those tires are distributed to up to 60 manufacturing around the world. Those are including sales, distribution, technical, and design facility. Until now, this company has more than 13.000 employees. It is easy for you to find their product because the tires are sold independently by several reputable dealers. Even, if you don’t want to go outside, just purchase it online. They are ready to serve various types of tires for motorcycles, road cars, and motor racing.

Who Makes Cooper Tires Hercules

As one of the largest tire companies, Cooper Tire and Rubber Company are also offered Hercules tires. The focus of this company is to distribute and share high quality tires around the world. This relationship has been done since 1960 and it grows larger and larger until now. Today, you can find Hercules tires in around 90 countries worldwide. The types of Hercules tires are including for ATV, passenger, light duty truck, medium duty truck, and industrial vehicles. Hercules tire is not the only brand developed by Copper Tire and Rubber Company. There is also one more brand known as Mastercraft tires. People started to notice about Mastercraft tires in 2009 but the development has been done since 1900s. The focus of this brand is on passenger cars tires and light trucks tires.

Who Makes Cooper Tires and Types of Tires

After learning who makes cooper tires and how they develop their company, it is also necessary to know the type of tires they offer to you. For example, you are able to buy H/T tires. This type of tire is a good option if you have to drive your vehicle on sand. Do you have SUV? If it is so, you can apply SRX tires from Cooper Tire and Rubber Company. The SRX tires offered as fit for most all SUVs. There is a case that you have to carry extra loads. You don’t need to worry because this company is ready with HT3 tires. This type of tire is ready to support your vehicle in delivering extra loads. As the result, you can still drive your vehicle comfortably and safely.

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